Wellington Wellbeing Survey

Wellington is well known for its arts, coffee and thriving small businesses. But how do we do in promoting people’s wellbeing? With Budget 2019 focusing on the wellbeing of all New Zealanders, I want to hear from you about how Wellington is doing in the wellbeing of our people, environment, community and infrastructure. With your input, I can better represent you in Government to improve the wellbeing of Wellingtonians and New Zealanders alike.
– Grant

Our Environmental Wellbeing

Our natural places in the heart of Wellington make us stand out as a green capital. From the Town Belt to our playgrounds and native sanctuaries, it is important to know how our natural spaces affect our wellbeing.

How often do you use parks in Wellington?

How well do we preserve our natural spaces?


Very Well

Do we need more natural spaces in Wellington?

Do you have further feedback on our environmental wellbeing?

Our Community Wellbeing

Being connected to others in our communities is an important foundation for living a fulfilling life. How do you feel about the strength of your communities and Wellington’s culture?

How often do you attend community events in Wellington?

How connected do you feel to Wellington's culture?

Not connected

Very connected

How often do you see Māori culture celebrated in Wellington?

Do you have further feedback on our community wellbeing?

Our Personal Wellbeing

Having access to services which support our skills, physical and mental health is important for personal wellbeing. Are our services working to support everyone in Wellington?

How well do we take care of our most vulnerable?

Not well

Very Well

Is visiting the GP affordable and accessible?

Have you had difficulty accessing any of these support services?

Do you have further feedback on our personal wellbeing?

Our Infrastructure

Our infrastructure supports us to travel, learn, innovate and participate in society. Are our key services like health, housing and transport fit for purpose?

What is your housing situation?

Is your housing situation affordable?

What kind of transport do you use most?

What is the main transport priority for you in Wellington?

Do you have further feedback on our infrastructure?

Who are we?

Everyone has a different experience of their community. With some general questions, I can understand better how Wellington supports different people’s wellbeing differently, and what we need to improve.

How old are you?

What is your occupation?

What suburb do you live in?

Who do you normally vote for?

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